About Us

Founded by Emilie Hajek, Stay Soft was created with the goal of bringing benevolence and self-love back into lingerie under the importance of highlighting the diverse beauty within each of us. 
Each garment is ethically handmade in Canada, compassion for all -- including for those who sew our pieces! -- is at the heart of every collection. We pride ourselves on our 'slow' fashion model, choosing to produce pieces that help recenter the balance of a 'fast' fashion world. We create when we have inspiration and do not believe in seasonal clothing. Similarly to people, we believe clothing should be loved in it’s entirety!
It is paramount to us to motivate positive self-image by using designs that cajole our natural silhouettes. We want to encourage you to feel beautiful and empowered, without having to sacrifice your personal comfort for style. Inspired by individual beauty, we want YOU to shine through our garments, not the other way around 🤍