About Us


A flower and rainbow may be very different, but neither is more beautiful than the other.

   My name is Emilie Hajek and I am the founder of Stay Soft. My pronouns are she/her and I am a queer femme first generation Czech-Canadian.

   I started Stay Soft in 2018 as a way for me to express my love of fluid beauty and diverse sensuality. Growing up, I felt there was little to no space held for those stepping out of the boundaries of expected societal beauty. This stayed with me into adulthood where I decided I wanted to create a space of my own, where we, as many, could appreciate and highlight each other as we are. I believe that feeling good starts with self-compassion and acceptance, and this blossomed into a beautiful project I am so proud of, where through it I too have learnt to appreciate and value my own distinctions.

   I actively chose to design lingerie because I felt it to be the most intimate of clothing; highly influencing how I personally feel on a daily basis, uncomfortable and/or restrictive undergarments can absolutely make or break my day – I want to feel confident and be unaware of my lingerie.  So, my mother and I started designing patterns, her being our first seamstress (without her we would not be where we are now!) and our little family venture turned into quite the beautiful community.

   Still today each garment is ethically handmade in Montreal. We are so proud to keep everything local and base our project on a ‘slow’ fashion model. To us, spreading love, whether it be to ourselves or others, should also include our planet. Actively choosing to help center the imbalance of a ‘fast’ fashion world, ethical action also means creating when inspiration strikes and not because a fashion season has changed. From design to wear, kindness is at the heart of every piece and presentation.

   We stand for cherishing people in their entirety and celebrating yourself; we want to help release the pressure to change for others and support embracing your own identity and affirming your own individual beauty.