About Us


Flowers and rainbows may be different, but neither is more beautiful than the other.

   My name is Emilie Hajek. My pronouns are she/her/they/them and I am a queer femme first generation Czech-Canadian.

   I started Stay Soft back in 2018 as a way for me to express my love of fluid beauty.  Feeling like there was little to no space held for those stepping out of the boundaries of expected societal beauty, I wanted to create a space of my own, where we as many, could appreciate and highlight each other as we are. I believe that feeling good starts with self-compassion & radical acceptance, and this blossomed into a beautiful project, where I too have learnt to appreciate and value my own distinctions.

   I chose to start Stay Soft through lingerie because it felt like the most intimate of clothing; highly influencing how I feel on a daily basis, uncomfortable and/or restrictive underwear can absolutely make or break my day. So my mum and I started designing patterns (her being our first seamstress!) and our little adventure turned into a beautiful expression of energy and self.

   By 2021, I re-explored the crafts that got me into my love of creative expression and the idea of wearing art. I got back into working with beads and paints, and Stay Soft now also gives new life to pre-existing garments through an array of multimedia! I love being hands-on and creating fun items to share with others my love of playing dress-up.

   I am so proud to base our project on a ‘slow’ fashion model by working directly with an ethical sewing team in Montreal for our lingerie, and using pre-existing garments in our REWORKED Collection. To us, spreading love, whether it be to ourselves or others, should also include our planet. In an effort to choose to help recenter the imbalance of our ‘fast’ fashion world, ethical action should also mean creating when inspiration strikes rather than a change of fashion season or trend. 

   I want Stay Soft to remind you that fashion is a fun way for you to express yourself. We stand for cherishing people in their entirety and support embracing your own identity in the youthful joy of playing with style!

In the end, don't change yourself for your clothing, change your clothing for you <3